I had not written on my blog for a couple of years excluding the post I did the other day.  Since that time I have continued to work on myself. I can honestly say that I know myself more then ever. I am also more comfortable in my skin then every before!

I have shifted in more ways then I ever thought possible.

About a year ago my soul called to me to move more. I was called to energy dancing and to transform my body. I trained everyday and I also changed the way I ate.

It was amazing to see what things showed up as I transformed and let go of my weight! I can say that we do hold information in our body as I moved through layers issues would show up from the past.

I would wake up do what I needed when I got up. I would then meet up with my friends at the Water Wellness Center. We would train usually 1 hour to six hours a day. Training involved all kinds of different movements, most common movements were kick squats. I found that it was interesting what emotions would show up as I moved. I witnessed anger and or sadness that would show up as I moved. As I moved it became easier to move and let go of my past.

I also learned to let go of my stories of being “fat”

1- I felt like I needed to be skinny before I moved. I hated jiggling when I moved. I would stop a moment and let go of the story. Kept moving no matter what.

2- I got to let go of comparing myself to others. I was training with two 21 years old woman who are extremely fit. It didn’t serve me or anyone comparing myself to anyone. I’m in this body and I get to take care of it. It serves me well and why compare who I am to others!

3- Fat is just a way I saw myself and I created it. I got to see myself in a new way and I am creating that new image everyday.

4-Food is Fuel. If I eat something outside my plan I get to be kind to myself. No reason to hate myself and feel bad. It does not serve me and my intention. Enjoy what you eat and let go of “mistakes” and keep going with the intention of healthy eating habits.

I know that we create our life by our believes So I got to look at those believes and my life and how I show up has shifted so much.

I still want to coach one of these days. I do coaching for friends and family right now. I have learned much and have much more to offer.

I have physical results now. I have gone down 6 sizes since last year. I look at food in a new way as well. I enjoy my body and what it can do and what I am training it to do.

I have been told I am a inspiration. I hear my stories about “fat” with other ladies as well. My advice is know what you want and focus on that. Don’t worry about what others think about you. Let go of your limiting believes regarding how you see yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my insights. This has been a huge part of my life and it nice to bring in out and share with you all.

Live, Love, Play in lightfullness, Dee


May 2012


April 2013


When we say coming home we are describing a picture of a place that is comfortable that we can be ourselves. So what does that mean. Be ourselves?

Last night when I was with a friend. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to be in my space and in my place. Why?

I just know that something is changing and shifting within me.

Last week I brought tears to me as I looked in the mirror and for the first time since I was very very young I knew that I was beautiful.

I know that how we believe about ourselves creates our reality and attracts people and places to us. I really could use the money but I just wanted to be home. So I went home woke up and still felt a pressure to be home.

I’m not sure why….

Other then I just want to be home. I have heard that when people die they go home. What if we don’t really go home what if we are already home and its our believes that keep us separate.

What if home is always always here and we just have forgot who and what we are….

Almost two weeks ago I felt my Grandma Jennings come in to my space. She has died and gone “home” What I felt brought tears of joy to me. It was like pure love and their was no believes that held back this love. The feeling was complete acceptance and heart felt love.

I ask again why do I want to go home?

Home is where the heart is…

Where is our heart I know that science can’t even measure the field of the heart it is so expansive.

So home is where the heart is and its surpasses the physical and the buildings of it all. Its is always with you. There is no where to go. Its about connecting with yourself and being comfortable with who and what we are.

So connect with yourself because it knows what home is and it has never left home. Its is within you always. Ready to love and be love that you are.

I can feel this love like all the time now. I know that you are a beautiful light being and I know that we share that home space here and now in this universe. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

Live, play and love in light fullness, Dee

In the early summer I asked my friend Zo Peacemaker about Impact Trainings. He let me know that he could tell me about his experience and how it assisted him in being the man of light that he is now. I listened and went hmm not really for me. Well the universe sometimes takes things in its own hands.

Throughout the summer I would see signs that said Impact on the side of the road. People I did not even know would ask me if I was in impact. Then I was watching a DVD of a fictional program ahh Buffy the Vampire Slayer and in the back ground was a sign impact reality. Ok not even real. So it is the 1st week of August and I had just done this amazing workshop with Zaba. I was a my friend’s healers day. We were winding down for the day and my ear started ringing really loud. Gloria said you need to go and meditate spirit is talking to you.

I went under her tree and talked to spirit. Again you are going to think me crazy. Grandmother spider came and visited me and told me, “Dee you may be a daughter of the light but I marked you first.” Spider told me you get to go to Impact to create in the 3D world.

So I called the next day and signed up for the Quest training for Impact in August. Not the easiest thing to have mirrors in your face and you get to look at your “stuff”

So I took on my life at Impact Trainings and I tell you what I have stepped up. I’m now in the third class and selling tee shirts, doing my coaching and energy work. I will be offering 120 free sessions in the month of October. I would love to hear from you so call me.

Anyway I saw how I used the victim role and the help role to control people. I saw how things that happened when I was young affected me and held me back. I played small and now I’m playing in the world with my passion.

I learned that you are amazing and you deserve to have someone take a stand for you. I see the magic of you and I know that you are a being of light and love.

Stay tuned as I step more and more in what I’m doing. I hear one of my friends say, “How good can you stand it?” Really how good can you stand it. I love to smile and play. I enjoy this live and the vacation I took for myself turned out that I found me, the true me, the me before this physical reality.

Live, Love, Play in lightfullness, Dee

One day in July I decide that I’m going to take a vacation. Well let me tell you it was the kind of vacation where I got to get in touch with my divine spark. When I say divine spark I mean the spark of me that was before I was born and it my true spirit of me. The authentic Dee. I looked at my coach on my Birthday in July and said. “I want two weeks off, I’m burned out.” Jim Pehkonen gave me a vacation for two weeks.

Turns out it that those two weeks were a intense whirl wind of self growth and learning. I remember how it all started. I was going to play and play hard. Go hiking, go camping, get out of town or just stay in bed for two weeks. Well I went to a 98 pound crystal skull. Guess what the mineral kingdom that I have met is all about our personal development. I’m looking at this skull at an open house. I put my hands on its huge head. I start feeling something in my heart. A kind of tugging and a bit of a hurt but not a really bad hurt but just a tugging. Ok you all are going to think I’m crazy as I tell my story. The skull says to me, “you will come to the workshop tomorrow.”

So tomorrow arrives I get up and go to this all day workshop for Zaba. Maya this really really sweet lady from Canada that is the keeper of Zaba. Gives the story of Zaba. How she met Zaba before it became a skull and such. Well then the work starts and I get to go deep within.

Before she Maya has us go deep she tells a story of a lady who went on a walk about in Australia. How she burned all her clothes and went with the locals. This lady walked across the Deseret and was miserable the whole time as they wouldn’t let her talk and she burned her skin and her feet were all messed up from walking barefoot across the dessert. At night the lady was rethinking her day as they were sleeping in a circle. The lady felt more alive then she felt all day. She was thinking in her head how grateful she was for the experience and across the circle on the opposite side of her the only local that spoke English said, “your welcome” the next day she asked how he had heard her as she thought in silence. The answer that came back was they were talking all day as they walked the day before as they did not want to use there voice as they did not lose moisture. Well why can’t I do that the lady said. Your culture can’t do it because there are too many secrets.

So then she had us blind fold us and then partner up with the blind folds. Well one of us got to be a warrior and then the other one of us got to be an Angel. The angel held space for the warrior as the warrior shared a secret from the past. It was an amazing experience and just the begging of me finding my divine spark. My secret from the past was how I took out my anger as a child on other kids as a bully.

This was my experience with Zaba and it was just the beginning.  Zaba just got the secrets loosened.

July 9th I took a class from Elena Radford.  Wow.  I learn more about me each time I take her class.  I get these lovely energy gifts for to raise my vibration in this physical world. It was all about Love, Trust and Connection.  Wonderful energy.  The thing about Elena is she can tell when you reject the gifts she gives you from the universe.  Well I rejected the gifts and I  hide.  Wow my energy can’t handle this.  Made me feel better that about 1/3 of the class did the same thing.  I know my ego speaking.  Anyway. 

What I love about Elena is that you learn about you and she helps you from where you are.  I was hiding because I want attention that I get when I’m not connected to higher source, in love with myself and trusting myself completely.  What?  Well the awesome thing is that I can upgrade so Elena gave me an energy gift of “I can create anything I want and everyone will be ok.” 

It is kind of hard to come back and write-up my experience of her class as so much happens on an energetic field.  I watched her channel for a friend. Elena had to ask permission of his higher self.  Elena looked at him and said, “one plus one equals three, you understand that?”  He said yes and sighed.  Turns out that is something he discovered when he was a young person.  Basically it means one plus one creates something else.  Beautiful. 

Elena went around the room and told us what our main gift was for right now.  That was the whole one plus one.  She looked at me and said “possibilities.  That can be hard.”  I loved what she said because I kept thinking to myself, “No closed circuit as I want the possibilities to be endless.”  Way cool.  Elena ended the class at 2pm.  Next week we get to talk about 6 points on the Inca Cross.  I’m looking forward to what I am going to learn about myself in this class. 

Live, play, love in light fullness, Dee

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